Friday, February 24, 2017

Franklin On Ice # 14... Finale

OKAY....  you all KNOW that ERNIE has this NEED FUR SPEED thingy goin on...    You will NOT believe HIS method fur going down the Slippery Ice Slide...  
   Sarge's Mom helped him to go around to the steps fur His Turn...  

I went up TOO so that I could Watch...  
Ernie checked out the Platform and the Slippery Ice Slide Course... and he made his PLAN...

He backed up and LAUNCHED himself off the platform...  and   ZOOOOOOOOOOM
   Off he went like a ROCKET...     BUTT WAIT... there's MORE... he is INSANE
Half way down he FLIPPED Himself around and went down   A$$    BACKWARD.
     OMD OMD   it was a WILD RIDE...  
It was sooooooo Fast... and  DANGEROUS....   MOM was SCREAMING....    She though he would end up like Road Kill...           Ernie is INSANE I tell you.  

MOM was SOOOOOOO   scared SPITless   worried when He got to the End and went AIRBORN fur like 87 cm.  .           ERNIE, Was THRILLED with his ride...      butt the Peeps NOT SO MUCH.
We BOTH wanted to get in line and go AGAIN.... butt after the Crazy Ride Technique the HEADCASE   Ernie used...  MOM said     NO WAY...    

OKAY.... we won't be around much over the weekend so we aren't going to have a Sat. or Sun. Post.
     BUTT WAIT...  there IS More..
We are NEARING our   3,000th Post...  and on THAT day we are going to have a Contestical..     We love Contests of all sorts...   Don't YOU?   
      It will be a COMMENT-A-THON... and EVERYBUDDY who leaves us a comment... will be put into a DRAWING (not a Picture) ... we will be DRAWING One Name from the list of those of you who leave us a Comment on our BIG DAY...   will be DRAWN and we will send a Prize Pressie to you...  no matter WHERE in the world you live.   


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Franklin on Ice # 13

Like we Said... we saved the BESTEST Fun fur LAST...    Check THIS OUT...  a Slippery Slide made outta ICE...  

Now ERNIE was not sure how this was gonna work... SO... I had to SHOW HIM...

Sarge's Mom was not sure I would know about it... butt I SHOWED HER TOO !!!
WHhEEEeeeeeeee      WHEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee

There were Humpty Bumpty things and they were a riot...        DAD was Scared fur me...   butt I wasn't worried...        WOW was that EVER fun.
THAT was SOOOOOOO fun.    I loved it...   butt ....
BUTTTTTTTtttttttttttttttttttt   Wait until TOMORROW when you see ERNIE on the Slippery Ice Slide.    

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Franklin on Ice # 12

Yesterday we promised a set of sculptures that the Kidlets all loved...    We did NOT know these Kidlets...  butt their peeps said we could take their picture.

  THIS is an interesting sculpture   ...  THAT would be a Wild Ride.
 More fun sculptures...

TOMORROW we will show the thingy that we SAVED fur LAST...    It was OUR favorite...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Franklin On Ice # 11

FURST this is our     2,987th Post    We have been around a LONG time ...       We will be watching fur our 3,000 th Post...  Maybe we will do somethingy SPECIAL fur That one.    Just sayin.

WE didn't take a ride on this... butt Look at the ICE n SNOW MOBILE

 We Also didn't Mess with THIS Guy....    We think it is a "CAT" fish called  a PURR Onna.
 We didn't know this lady... butt her husband had her stand behind this sculpture... so her black coat would make the carving show up better...    and THEY said WE could take a picture too.

 THIS is one of Shelldon and Beachnut's CUSSINS...
 OH, did we mention that WE were not the Only dogs out enjoying the sculptures???    And NONE of us Peed on ANY of the sculptures...
Tomorrow we will show you another sculpture that all the Kidlets loved.
  OH BY THE WAY...   Yesterday was the FURST DAY that we have not had SOME snow in our yard... since 4 days after Christmas...     We are beginning to REALLY think about SPRING being Just around the Corner.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Franklin On Ice # 10

This is a bit hard to see beclaws of the Bare Trees in the back... butt it is a GIRAFFE

 We just Loved it.
 THIS one is a FIRE FIGHTERS Helmet...        We love First Responders.
 and THIS is two views of a   SEAL   balancing RINGS of ICE on his Nose...